US Liquidity and Cash Management

For over 30 years, we have been providing flexible, high quality liquidity investment solutions to our clients. Regardless of the type of client - corporation, government, hedge fund and other institutional and high net worth investors - the focus is always the same: create solutions that meet a client's safety, liquidity and yield goals.

At UBS Asset Management, our mission is to enable our clients to achieve their financial objectives and solve their investment challenges by integrating sustainability across our offering and investment solutions.

Our global expertise permits us to create solutions that span the liquidity investment spectrum, from money markets funds to ultra-short/low duration and short duration fixed income strategies. These strategies are available in separate accounts or via mutual funds and other pooled investment vehicles – all in multiple currencies and domiciles.

It is our belief that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues and opportunities can affect investment performance, and by considering these factors in our research process, we expect to make better-informed investment decisions.

To learn more about UBS Asset Management’s commitment to sustainable and impact investing, including our 20-year history in managing sustainable investment funds, please visit

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